A reporter returns to his home town to investigate the rumor that witches control the town, their crops and their weather. But Richard and his camera man Paul get more than they bargained for when they are swept up into a bitter feud between two powerful witches vying for the chance to turn a human teenager into the first male Maulkian witch in a thousand years. Adult situations.

The Five Suitors

Married to Beauty*

*As told by the beast


Clayton's Riders


The Briefcase


​Pineapple Pizza


A Place Of Her Own




My Iron Man


After Five


The Destroyer Chronicles


​Eighth Wonder Of The World




Immortal Heart


Have Fangs, Will Travel


The Lunatics


The Miss A Pageant


My Vampyre


​Night Drop




The Devil, You Say?






The Magician


Venetian Pirate



Have you lost a child? Do you want to know what others who have lost their children feel without having to sit through a group session with strangers? Jordan Rivers shares her story of her struggle during the last ten years since the death of her son Jason. She shares her feelings, her thoughts and her struggles with customs regarding death; Turning away from her religious practice; Her denial; She challenges the 'Time-Line' for recovery; and how she has faced the future without him. She knows how you feel.

Upon hearing a sage declare that he would die soon, Lord Grayhawk invites his best friends and bravest knights to vie for the hand of his unmarried daughter, Raven. But the unruly young woman has other ideas and decides not only to squash her father's plans, but she sets the five suitors against one another. The only flaw in her plan? She falls in love with one. Adult situations.

No Second Chances

More books coming!

Awaking from a coma Katherine Eddington, Duchess of Wescott, is shocked to discover her husband is estranged, her son doesn't trust her, and all the servants are terrified of her. As she slowly mends from her head injury, she learns that not only was she a domineering, screeching shrew to her husband and the household staff, but she abused her child as well. Her own mother, having previously been banished by Katherine, arrives to reconcile and fill in the blanks, including revealing that her childhood nickname was Cassie. Pledging to right the wrongs that have wounded her marriage and scarred her life for the last ten years, Cassie tries to woo her handsome, dark-haird, blue-eyed husband into giving their marriage a second chance. Along the way, secrets about her life and marriage are revealed, leading Cassie to believe that her fall from the horse that caused her head injury may not have been an accident at all, but an outright attempt to murder her. Adult situations.

Under my pen name Brenda Jordan and published in mass market paperback in 1988, Berkeley Books changed it's original  title from Witches' Eve to The Brentwood Witches hoping to cash in on the movie The Witches of Eastwick based on the novel by John Updike.  My book came out first and was in talks for a motion picture launch until John's witches hit galley form before publishing and my book was dropped like a hot potato.  Updike was famous and I wasn't.  Oh, well.  I restore everything the publisher took out and put the original name back to Witches' Eve.  Copies of this book can be bought from Amazon under the used book category.

I Know How You Feel...

The Brentwood Witches

Witches' Eve

A family is taken hostage by escaped convicts at their isolated ranch in the high desert of Mojave. One of the convicts is actually a gun runner trying to flee before Interpol can come claim him; One of the hostages is a policewoman determined to keep him from escaping. There's just one problem: They fall for each other. Adult situations and language.