Doug Wayne,

host of 

Fishing Commando

It's time that the "Average Joe" had a reality fishing show that caters to him. No expensive equipment or big boats, Fishing Commando follows our host and Master fisherman Doug Wayne as he parks his truck and hikes up into the Sierras at the start of fishing season. There he will camp and demonstrate his tried-and-true lifetime techniques for catching fish without the fancy-schmancy rods, reels and tackle. He cooks his own food over the campfire; sleeps in his tent under the stars and not in a hotel or ritzy motorhome; and demonstrates his cheap, easy inventions that you can easily do at home to make fishing fun, simple and successful.  And by the way, Doug is a catch-and-release guy.  

Producer Jordan Rivers and fisherman Doug Wayne have known each other for fifty years.  In fact, they're sister and brother!  They were raised on fishing, love fishing, and talk fishing together.  It was during one of those conversations that Jordan was teasing her younger brother about his nickname, Fishing Commando, that an idea began to form.  Why not have Doug share his sense of humor, as well as all his tips and tricks for catching fish with regular folks who don't use fancy gear or big bass boats?  There didn't seem to be a reality fishing show for the Average Joe.  Doug's reactions was, "Wait a minute - you're gonna pay me to fish?"  His blue eyes glittered and his grin widened.   "I love you, Sis!"

Fishing Commando

Fish saying,

"Thanks for the catch & release,