A group of bank robbers discover too late

that their one hostage is a



TREVOR is newly married with a baby on the way, and although he's promised his wife, CINDY, he's going straight, his mob boss wants one last bank job before he releases Trevor.  Telling his wife that he's going fishing with his boys, Trevor's gang sets out to rob their last bank.  And it is the last job for most of them.  An unaccounted for security guard and a civilian with a concealed weapon turns the bank into a shooting gallery.

Wounded, Trevor takes the bank manager ADAM hostage and the two of them hustle a severely wounded BRANDON out to Adam's car and drive away just as the police arrive to clean up the mess.  Trevor instructs Adam to take them to his house so they can lay low while they tend to their wounds and make arrangements to get picked up.

It turns out that Adam lives out in the country in an isolated location surrounded by a stout wall and gate, barbed wire, cameras and security protocols.  Trevor is wounded in the leg and Brandon has a gut wound and getting medical treatment and evacuation is foremost on their minds.  The only annoying thing at the house is the occasional knocking of the pipes, something that Adam assures them comes with the old age.

Trevor contacts his boss and is assured of a pick up within hours.  But Brandon dies before help arrives and Trevor has Adam help him bury his friend.  With nothing but time on his hands, Trevor and Adam begin conversing, getting to know each other better.  However, the rescue Trevor is expecting arrives in the form of a hit squad to eliminate Trevor and his witness.  But the tables are turned with the bad guys show up and try to beat Adam's security system.

LEON, Trevor's boss, manages to get in and has Trevor in his sites.  Adam turns the tables when he attacks Leon and subdues him, saving Trevor's life.  Duct taping Leon into a chair, Trevor and Adam extract the information that Leon was there to tie up loose ends with additional plans to kill Trevor's wife Cindy.  With his face plastered all over the television screen as a comrade of the dead robbers at the bank, Trevor cannot go to his wife so Adam volunteers to go get her and bring her to Trevor.  Trusting Adam because he saved his life, Trevor gives Adam the address and sends him off.  It is only when Adam is searching for batteries for the TV remote that he starts to uncover unsettling information about Adam.   This time when the knocking pipes act up again,  Trevor follows the sounds down a hidden staircase to a basement which is a virtual dungeon complete with a tortured woman in a cage.  Suddenly Trevor realizes that he has sent a serial killer to his pregnant wife.  Can he warn is wife in time considering the shoddy reception on his cell phone?  Should he untie his mob boss to help him overcome Adam if he does return?  Can he trust the  man sent to kill him over a serial killer?