Dave Brewer

Director of Photography

(interested, but not contracted yet)

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And introducing music sensation

Alas De Liona

as the "Singing Girl"

Michael Silberman

Line Producer

(interested, but not contracted as yet)

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Jesse Rodriguez and Jake Callen have been best friends since the third grade.  These two nerds belong to the chess club, the science club, the 4H club and the debate team.  But unlike their other nerdish friends, Jesse and Jake often get into and out of trouble on a regular basis with their wild antics.  Such as reassembling a teacher's Volkswagen on top of the school roof; Releasing a hundred rabbits into the school cafeteria; Filling the swimming pool with oatmeal before a competition; Trading the Senior girls shoes with the Senior boys shoes in opposite locker rooms; Filling the school quad with two tons of snow - imported just for the occasion.


But now a new teacher has arrived at school and everyone's talking about him.  Not because he's nice or handsome or friendly, but because he gives everyone the creeps.  Tall, bald and pale with dark circles under his eyes, Woodrow Craven even has a creepy sounding name.  Worse yet, his voice is deep and menacing.  He never smiles and seems to have no sense of humor.  Capturing the attention of both Jesse and Jake, their interest in Craven borders on obsession.  Is he a demon?  A vampire?  A devil worshiper?  Inquiring minds want to know!


So the boys decide to hide spy cameras in Woodrow Craven's classroom to see if they can catch him doing anything "weird".  Using surveillance equipment from Jesse's father's security company, the boys break into their homeroom and set up the cameras before heading off to Woodrow Craven's house.  Based on information that Craven has left for a two week vacation, the two friends climb through a window at the teacher's residence and begin snooping around.  They are positive they will find a dungeon in the basement, macabre fixtures for torture and altars dripping in blood.  Imagine their surprise when they find nothing of the sort.  Just an unremarkable, two story Victorian home with modern but well-used furnishings.  In fact, they are quite disappointed.


Until, that is, they discover Woodrow Craven dead in his master bedroom while they are installing surveillance cameras.  For the first time the two friends are at odds: Jesse wants to throw the biggest party their school friends have ever seen.  However Jake is the voice of reason and declares that they drop everything and alert the police.  Jesse, never one to shrink from a challenge browbeats Jake into "sucking it up and putting on his big girl's panties" so they can finally top every stunt they have previously pulled.


And the turnout for the "Woodrow Craven Going Away Party" sets a new record for partying as the students arrive in droves with beer, pizza, booze and their smart phones for quick "selfies" with the dead guy.  But as the party rages and Craven's body is soon forgotten, kids start meeting bloody and horrifying deaths until the last few kids realize the desperate trouble they are in as they fight to get out of the house - a house that seems determined to keep them at Craven's mercy.

Duncan McArtor as "Craven"

David Davenport


Det. Larry Myerson 

Boo Boo Stewart

as "Jake"

His students thought he was scary in class.

Wait 'til they break into his home.

Jordan Rivers of

Rivers Entertainment Studios

Producer, Director & Writer

​on Woodrow Craven I & II

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Ricardo Chavez

as "Jesse"

Shooting Schedule: Spring/Summer 2017

Production Days: 59

Total Budget: $1.5

Genre: Horror Suspense Thriller

Production: Rivers Entertainment  & Camby Studios

Location: Indiana

Story: Jordan Rivers

Writer: Jordan Rivers

Executive Producers: TBD

Producers: Jordan Rivers

Director: Jordan Rivers


 "Weekend At Bernie's" with a bloody ending!

Andy Espinoza Long


Det. Rick Levitt

"A Found-Footage Film"